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Convenient, compliant electronic prescription solution

Henry Schein One makes writing prescriptions easier and safer with ePrescribe, an online electronic prescription service.

Are you ready to begin prescribing electronically with ePrescribe?

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Complies with State Mandates

ePrescribe helps your practice comply with state electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) mandates. If EPCS is required in your state, ePrescribe allows you to continue prescribing controlled substances legally.

Sends Directly to Pharmacy

ePrescribe eliminates the issues that can come with handwritten prescriptions. Unlike handwritten prescriptions, ePrescribe prescriptions are always read accurately and cannot be altered on their way to the pharmacist. Your prescriptions are created electronically and instantly transmitted to the pharmacy.

Works with Major Retail Pharmacies

Many major retail pharmacies, such as Walmart, only accept electronic drug prescriptions. ePrescribe meets prescription requirements set by major retail pharmacies. Your patients can easily get their prescriptions filled at their local retail pharmacy of choice with no issues or extra work for you.

Integrates with Your Practice Management System

ePrescribe works with all Henry Schein One practice management systems (PMS) including Dentrix, Dentrix Enterprise and Dentrix Ascend for seamless business operations.

Connects to Your State’s PDMP

ePrescribe connects you to your state’s prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP). With access to the PDMP, you can look up patients in your state database while issuing prescriptions in order to monitor for “doctor shopping” and prescription drug abuse.

Puts Safety First

ePrescribe helps you keep your patients safe by automatically checking for drug allergies, drug interactions, dosage errors and duplicate therapies.

Offers Drug Price Estimates

The TruePriceRX feature in ePrescribe uses insurance information to generate price estimates from nearby pharmacies so your patients can save money on their prescriptions (feature not currently available with Dentrix Ascend).